Creating Pathways to Success

Driven by the belief that economic opportunities can create pathways to success for disadvantaged groups and that “a society that understands and embraces the need of full participation and inclusion of all its members will remain a strong and leading business-force within newly emerging and highly competing contemporary markets,” Mr. Kernan works tirelessly. He has assembled the pieces necessary to lift up those struggling and help them join the America in which he has prospered.

New York State Recognizes Kernan’s Job-Training for the Advancement of Disadvantaged Workers

The New York State Department of Labor registered Mr. Kernan’s initiative for On-the-Job training and related classroom instruction in the following skilled construction trades: Carpentry, Plumbing, Steam and Pipe Fitter, Mason, Steelworker, Roofer, Operating Engineer, Electrician, and Skilled Laborer. The state’s public acknowledgement is not only proving the programs validity, but is pointing out its necessity in preparing America for a new set of challenges in a swiftly changing world and transforming markets.

Learn more about the job training programs in:

NYS University Connections Newsletter, pg. 13 (2002)
SUNY Research Foundation Annual Report, pg. 12 (2001)

Reorganizing Industry to Benefit Society

Mr. Kernan uses a private sector solution to address a public sector problem. He made it his business that disadvantaged-owned businesses succeed. He established Oriska Insurance and developed products that advance opportunities for disadvantaged and small businesses. For example, he ensures that every disadvantaged business to which his company provides surety bonding has mentors to guide them through the process of securing certification and bidding on contracts. (Learn about the benefits of mentoring that Oriska’s surety bonding principals receive by clicking here.)

Mr. Kernan designed his insurance company to provide the necessary financial protection while ensuring disadvantaged-owned businesses meet all the legal requirements imposed by the Davis Bacon Act and NYS Labor Law. In the past these have been insurmountable hurdles for disadvantaged-owned businesses, but today, thanks to Mr. Kernan’s tenacious commitment to guarantee an equal chance at success for all, these hurdles have been removed.